How to Change your Gauge Numbers – $200.00 –   five hour class

Have you ever been in the position where you have the perfect yarn and the perfect sweater pattern but it doesn’t work out with what you want to do?

Yarn is a different gauge than the pattern

Just can’t meet the gauge

You have a sweater that fits you perfectly and you want to duplicate it

The pattern doesn’t include your size

This class will show you how to do this?  The class includes studying gauge,  simple arithmetic and you will write your own pattern.

Design Your Own Socks – $150 – four hour class

Once you have mastered the ability to knit socks, you now can create your own.  The socks can be colour work, cables, lace, or any textured patterns.  Toe Up Magic loop knitting is2015-04-29 13.08.05 (640x480) the preferred method, but you can use your own method if desired.

This class will compel you to design all your knitted items, not just socks.  2015-10-23 07.10.12

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Basic Sock Construction
  • Gauge for socks
  • How to adopt several stitch patterns – flat to circular
  • Several design ideas are available2015-01-11 14.47.292015-10-23 07.18.31 (479x640)


How  to Doubleweave – two day class – $150

Doubleweave is the weaving of two layers of cloth on the loom at the same time, one above the other.  These layers may be completely independent of each other, they may be connectd on one or  both selvedges, or the  twolayers may be interwoven through loom-conrolled layer exchange.

The  four shaft sampler is designed to teach you a vaiety of techniques that can be woven using the basic  four shaft draft, all using the  same threading and tie-up.  After completing the sampler, you will have a good understanding of the processes and possibilities of doubleweave and have the skills to design your own doubleweave products.  The techniques for the sampler are: two separate layers, folded double width cloth, tubular weave, colour and weave, stuffed horizontal ribs and doubleweave pick-up.